Drink taxi

You do not have to limit yourself during day or night. In addition to a comfortable and safe ride with our professional drivers during the day you enjoy each ride, we also offer co-operation in the evenings. Thanks to us, you can go directly from work to party with the car and you will be there on time and in the morning you can go to work with your car.

You have a corporate event, you are not abstinent, but you are a responsible driver and the car is the necessity for you in the morning, we can help you again.

Our drivers are working at night. Do not hesitate to contact us in the evening to know that you will need our drivers to take you home on your car and it is up to you when you will decide to finish. We will be waiting for your call.

Price list of drink taxi

The most common transfer places for drink taxi

Drink taxi


Bratislava - Čierna voda

Bratislava - Senec

Bratislava - Trnava

Bratislava - Vienna

20 - 30€





Just like our limousine, minibuses and buses transfer even a drink taxi can be at costs of your company. In your monthly invoice we will charge you except the other transfer services also drink taxi services.

All prices are without VAT.