Škoda SuperB

Flag ship of Škoda. Sufficient room for legs with comfort of higher classes can never be bad.

Comfortable, elegant and representative. This is Škoda SuperB.

If the sun is warm, the sun shines and you can not afford to come to a meeting or to the airport as after a marathon, we have the solution: Vehicles air-conditioned by automatic double-zone air conditioning at your chosen temperature.

On the other hand, in winter, are you afraid to sit in the car on cold seats because the leather is not your favorite material in winter? Do not worry about it, heating seats not only front but also rear seats. So every time you sit in the winter it will be a pleasant experience.

Are you taller and are you afraid to use the taxi service due to the inconvenience you experience regularly? You need to take a longer route but you do not like to push? IN our fleet  you will find vehicles with plenty of room for both rear and front seats.

A long way? Thirst after landing at the airport? Are you going to a corporate event where you have a lecture and you have a dry mouth? So order a taxi with us and this problem solves the mineral water for every passenger.